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Shandong Zhonggu Starch Sugar Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is the starch and starch sugar processing and production base of Xingguang sugar industry group. The company takes corn as raw material for scientific and Technological Development and intensive processing. It mainly produces corn starch and starch sugar series products, including corn starch, corn embryo (bud), sprayed corn skin, corn gluten powder, maltose syrup, fructose syrup Liquid maltodextrin, etc. With a corn processing capacity of 1.2 million tons, it is a leading enterprise of grain and oil industrialization supported by the state, a designated production enterprise of national special needs commodities, a high-tech enterprise and a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province. It has been successively recognized as the delivery warehouse of Jilin corn central wholesale market and the delivery factory warehouse of corn starch designated by Dalian Commodity Exchange, And successfully won the first order on

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corn starch


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Corn fiber


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Corn gluten meal


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Corn Germ


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